The Thrawn Trilogy

I just finished reading a trilogy of Star Wars books entitled The Thrawn Trilogy. This is a Sequel Trilogy to Star Wars: The Original Trilogy, and I must say, it is scrumtrilecent. Timothy Zahn, award-winning author wrote this trilogy is the early 90's, back when Star Wars Extended Universe (Fan Fiction) content was on the fall. This series is now accepted as the final trilogy of the Star Wars series because of the exceptional writing portrayed throughtout all the books. The book picks up only a couple years after the end of Return of the Jedi, after the New Republic has been established, Leia is married to Han, and pregnant, and Luke is teaching her how to manipulate the Force and become a Jedi. The enemy of this trilogy is primarily Thrawn, though a "Jedi" (don't want to spoil anything), C'baoth plays an important role as well. The conflict seems rather trivial at first, with only a small group of the Empire remaining, but as the battle escalates, Zahn's writing truly shines, competing with George Lucas' original trilogy, and in some ways surpassing it. It's hard to sum up this trilogy, but if you are a Star Wars fan at all, this is the one series you cannot pass up. Here's a link to buy them, just to prove how incredible the books really are:

Amazon - The Heir to the Empire: Book 1

Trust me, this is worth your time.

Worksurfing or Work-surfing?

I have come to a crossroads. I have decided I am going to get a real domain for my website, making it even more fun and interesting, with *gasp* more than one page! I've got a few ideas to expand Bored at Work, but what's important right now is the name of this future internet juggernaut. I am going to put up a poll about it for everyone to vote, and you can also comment on which you think is better, or give me a suggestion for another name. Well, keep on your worksurfing, or work-surfing if you prefer, but remember, I need to reach a decision by the end of the week, so vote while you can!


When You Think Life Can Get No Better...

I was excited about the Wii announcement this weekend. I really was, but now I am presented with the best news I have heard since the sequel to Kingdom Hearts. That's right, Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix has just been offcially announced, and it will be amazing. The picture shows a lot, but all that matters is the middle. Click the pic for a better view. This game means that Kingdom Hearts is not only still going, but we can hope for a next game within the next 2 years. Now look at this picture, and wonder how you ever lived without it.


Online Video Game Player

I just recently got an email from my uncle, and in it was a link. This site contains 1000's, yes thousands of free online games, anywhere from Super Mario Bros. It is still in Beta, and isn't anywhere near perfected, but if you need a quick or extremely long fix, this is the place to go. Not too many people seem to be visiting this website, so spread it around, as it can provide hours of fun. I'll be putting it in one of my link sections later too. Have fun, but not at school/work! Fun is forbidden!


i just spent 45 minutes of my life gathering information for an analyst in a spreadsheet so they could see how many units of title "A" have been received over the life of the product.

side bar - an analysts job entails two things; running reports in whatever system their company uses and analyzing that data.

this analyst asked me what reports i run in the system if i wanted to see how many units i had made. i'll rephrase that last sentence so those of you who don't do this for a living can hopefully understand. this analyst asked me what reports i run in the system if i wanted to ANALYZE how many units i had made.

i'm in manufacturing, i could give three shits to ever know how many units i have made. my job is to make them; your job is to fucking analyze them.


Through the Fire and the Flames

Ok, I'm back, and once again I apologize for the extended absense. Bunch of news though, so hold tight. Alright, first off the Adult Swim TV Online blog is going to be going down rather soon, much sooner than I would have liked, because after posting on the Adult Swim forums about it, an Admin told me it was wrong. Bad me. Anyway, now that the bad news is out of the way, some good news!

Guitar Hero II will be amazing, that much is obvious, but now it has been confirmed that Thunder Horse (a Metalocalypse song) and Trogdor (a song from Homestar Runner) will officially be in the game.

Another piece of rock news, I have found an amazing band - DragonForce. DF is a british power metal band that is not very well known in America, but through their use of amazing dual-guitars and the fastest drumming the world has ever seen, combined with fantastical lyrics and slight video game influences, this has become my new favorite band. Don't be surprised if you see a music video cropping up in the next few days. If you want to see more about DragonForce, head to their website.


Guild Wars: Nightfall WPE

This is the first video released for the new game Guild Wars: Nightfall coming out October 21st, I think. Anyway, the second video was released today, so I'll post it later this week or weekend. This weekend is the big World Preview Event for Nightfall where the new classes, Dervish and Paragon are going to be playable in PvE for the first time ever. Be there or be not an awesome PC gamer! Yeah!